Do you need a website?

Answer is Yes. Without a doubt. In today's world, people expect every business to have a website. Professional online presence will add a tremendous amount of credibility to the company's image.

Depending on your needs we can offer:

  • Brochure Website (or Electronic Brochure),
  • Dynamic Website,
  • E-Commerce Website,
  • Website for Mobile Devices.

Brochure Website

A Brochure Website is an ideal option for start up businesses. A brochure website can give your business an internet presence at an affordable cost.

Brochure website also called Electronic Brochure consists of 1-5 pages of content in a fixed structure and replicates a printed brochure with some additional features such as contact forms, interactive maps, etc.

Our Brochure Website is powered by bLinkCMS - easy to use Content Management System, which gives you freedom to change information on your website at any time.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is far more flexible option than the Brochure website. It features unlimited number of pages, flexible structure with hierarchical organization, internal search engine, and many optional add-ons such as banner management system, galleries, integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

This option will be suitable for those who have a lot of information to publish with need to expand and update it constantly.

E-Commerce Website

The purpose of this type of website is to sell products or services online. It will give you the ability to manage product listings, accept payments, manage discounts, track and trace orders. Many optional modules are available - banner management system, galleries, integration with social networks, etc.

E-Commerce Website, driven by bLinkCMS can be integrated with in-store stock management system such as Microsoft Dynamics or Sage.

Comparison of Website Solutions

Website type Brochure website Dynamic website E-Commerce website
Content Management System bLinkCMS Pages bLinkCMS Info bLinkCMS Store
Number of web pages 1-5 unlimited unlimited
Menu structure fixed multilevel multilevel
Internal search engine
User management
Stock management
Payments processing
Orders management
Banners management
Cross browser compatibility (W3C compliance)
Spelling checker
Mobile device compatibility optional optional optional
SEO tools
Integration with social websites optional optional optional
Integration with Google Analytics optional optional optional
Special: free premium listing at
Pricing level*

* Each website project is unique in all aspects. Price is subject to discussion. 

Website for Mobile Devices

Think of amount of smart phones are in use today. They are brilliant for showing online content, but have some limitations. Even biggest screens of handheld devices won't fit the page in the same way as desktop screens would do. Heavy content rich in graphics may require big efforts from smart phone processor.

Website for Mobile Devices is an extension to full scale website, which detects visitor's mobile device and loads lightened content in smaller screen conveniently.

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