bLinkCMS for Websites

Our proprietary Content Management System was developed to meet our customers requirements. It is easy to use, flexible, scalable, highly customizable and search engine friendly.

bLinkCMS consists of three main modules, which can work independently of each other:

  • bLinkCMS Pages. Can work on it's own for Brochure type websites. Allows to change content of whole page or a defined block.
  • bLinkCMS Info. This module is responsible for expandable structure of information. Allows to add new pages, chapters, adjust templates.
  • bLinkCMS Store is the e-Commerce module. It takes care of your products you are selling online. Allows to manage product categories, product listings, discount schemes, customer orders, etc.

Each of these modules can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Optional modules are available for:

  • Internal search engine
  • Banner management
  • Newsletters
  • Galleries
  • Facebook integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Adaptation for mobile devices

Choose bLinkCMS as your online engine and get the most of your website.

bLink Transit

This is a .NET application of data interchange between online shop and in-store stock management system. Works in the background of stock data server and tracks activity in the stock system. Automatically adjusts stock indicators, prices, weights and other details on the e-shop, also uploads new items if they were added on in-store system.

It does all that hard work with the e-shop and saves a lot of time, which would be spent tracking and making changes on the website manually.

Currently there is fully tested production version working with Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0, but there are other versions being developed to be compatible with other stock management systems.

Barcodex RMS

Standalone .NET application for barcode management. Features barcode auto-generation, label printing with thermo label printer.

Barcodex RMS snapshot

Barcodex works in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

Top Car Dealer

Software package for car dealers. Top Car Dealer features:

  • Online and offline stock management
  • Suitable for new and second hand cars
  • Pricing tools
  • Finance calculator
  • Bulk Publishing ads to multiple motoring websites

Top Car Dealer snapshot

Versions available for Ireland, United Kingdom and Lithuania.


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